Collection: Glitter Mixes

Psst … I hear you are looking for some extra magical sparkle in your life.

Want to take your craft to another level by using  Glitter mixes that are unique and limited. Whether you're an expert crafter or just beginning on this journey – let us help you with our bespoke mixes that are bound to add a personal touch to your Christmas this year, and every other day after that!

How can you take part in this unique experience?

The answer is simple;

1 - Follow our Facebook page or Instagram, each week we will let you know the choices of colours to pick from for the week (the one with the most votes will be selected)

2 - Watch our Tik Tok live on a Friday evening to see the mix being created and to take part in the opportunity to name the glitter mix

Each mix has a limited amount for sale and are one off mixes so your products will not be generic.

Every month there will be a draw for one of our Glitter customers to win a voucher for a free mix the following month.

What are you waiting for ? I look forward to seeing you on the live on a Friday evening @8pm